Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart

For Thanksgiving we invited some of Aaron's students to join us.  And so gathered round our table was the world - Russian, Jordanian, Korean, and Kazakh.  Hearts far from home, trying to find their way in this new land.  I hope they tasted warmth and joy.  My heart was as full as my little home.

Memories to bottle up:

     -  My mom was here.  For the first time in years, our hands together prepared the feast.  Somehow we didn't think to take a picture.  

     -  The day before Thanksgiving, my uncle who I met once twenty years ago, showed up and spent a hundred dollars giving my kids their first Chucky Cheese experience.  What?!

     -  Ellie got a little Aunt time in.

     -  While we pulled out the Christmas decor, Ellie pranced around shouting, "Happy Christmas, Everyone!"
     -  Upon plugging in the lights on the tree, Aiden attempted to blow out each light. 

     -  Thanks to Grammy's babysitting, the hubs and I got a post-Thanksgiving lunch date.  We found a gem of a restarant in Little India.  I wanted to drink the curry sauce.  Instead I sopped up each bite of naan, while soaking up my husband's company.

I'm learning thankfulness is the fuel of the peace and contentment life.  So as we roll into the season of doing and wanting and buying, may my heart and yours breathe slow with gratitude, quieting our souls to await the Savior's birth. 

Our thankful tree



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  1. Danielle, thank you for sharing your blog. I'm happy you guys are doing well. We also had students over for thanksgiving.