Saturday, November 12, 2011

Why Blog?

I've decided I must blog.  I must cast my voice into the internet sea, hoping to be heard.  If you know me, you know that blogging is not new for me.  You also know that I haven't touched our old blog (downtownchinatown) in ah...two years.     

So why the new blog?  A lot of reasons actually. And for the grand opening, here they are:


In my bones I am a writer. Not a writer, as in, I deserve to be published, but a writer, as in, when God gathered the dust to make me, he sprinkled some writer in. For me to be me, I need to write. Every major point in my life has been expressed through writing. As a nine-year-old girl, I wrote down my conversion story on a bright orange piece of paper. When I left as a freshly graduated eighteen-year-old for the unknowns of an Ecuadorian village, I said goodbye to each of my family with a letter. I greeted my groom in a garden on our wedding day...with a letter. As newly weds following a calling on our hearts, we chronicled our life in China on our blog. The life-giving experiences of my childrens' births were, of course, recorded. Nearly every time God has touched my heart in some way, I had to write it down. For me, writing makes it real. Writing makes it matter.

I've let it wither. Despite the fact that writing is so important to me, and despite the fact that the past few years have been among the most transformational years of my life, I have been writing almost nothing. I've let this writing gift wither. My excuse? Well, I had kids. And they kind of take up nearly all my waking hours. But this season of life means too much to not write it out. This is my attempt to breathe life into a part of my soul that has been parched.

To remember... How many memories are lost because I didn't take the time to write them down? How many life lessons are forgotten because I didn't record them? I want to remember, to remember it all, all the God-touches of my journey, all the heart cries of my struggles, each and every unrepeatable phase of my precious little ones. Then when I'm wrinkled and wobbly, and my brain is returning to the dust, someone can read me my blogs. And I'll be glad I wrote them.

To let you in. I could do all of this, the writing and remembering, in my own nice private journal, you know, one with real paper. Why plaster the innards of my heart for literally anyone to see? Because others have done so for me. They have let me in to their journeys, some perfect strangers I would never have the privilege of meeting. And I am changed. Their story moves me in mine. And I would dare to hope that my story would move yours.  

To throw you a rope. I am too many miles away from too many people I love. Scattered around the world, hearts tied to mine. I'm throwing you a rope, my dear yet distant friends, to bind us together. Our journey isn't over.

So stranger, family, friend, here's my invitation,. Come along with me. I'll move past my inhibitions, beyond the norm of “doesn't really matter” and delve straight into the good stuff. The stuff that we so rarely get to. This is my blog. If you care to know me, this is me.

...   ...   ...

So when God made you, what did he sprinkle in?

My dear yet distant friends, how ARE you?


  1. Oh yes, I will be following. :) I'll answer #2 b/c I don't have enough brain power to answer #1...which ties into my answer. I'll simply say: I now understand why you were sooo busy last year. :) Thanks for fitting in so much time for my needy heart. I know it wasn't easy. Now, my needy heart isn't quite as can it be with all that's happening?!? (PS. Random side note: C4 has been closed for 3+ weeks and the students aren't giving good reports on why...ahh!)

    1. oh my--no C$--yikes--major withdrawal--sigh, PTL for Thailand ATC

      Miss you bunches but not Chiner

      Doing well here--check out my blog at Grammy Jln

  2. Your heart was a gift to mine last year. I needed you too! And I have to say that it is comforting to hear you say you understand the busyness now. Because last year when you said that you were bored, I thought there must be something seriously wrong with me. :) And no C4??? Say it ain't so!

  3. It is said, "He who began a good work in you is faithful to complete it....." What a completeness we have in Him!