Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cake Pops and Other Foods on a Stick

This Christmas season I decided I must break out from the normal array of baked goodnesses and try something new.   After tasting a Starbucks cake pop at a Christmas party, I fell in love with these adorable treats and determined to recreate the chocolaty richness with the festive hint of peppermint for a fraction of the cost.  Understand that I was in China when cake pops first exploded onto the baking scene, so I feel a bit like I've missed the bus.  But I'm gonna drive my own cake pop bus.  Here it is.  

If you've had cake pop flops before, try this video.   My spin on it (or should I say, "My Starbucks copy-cat spin on it):  Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, dipped in almond bark and sprinkled with crushed candy cane.  Must put them in the freezer vs. fridge before dipping.     

This got me thinking about China (as most things do) and made me think of how much the Chinese love food on a stick.  Here are a few of our favorites:
                                          Lamb on a stick -  Roasted over, mm! 

                                           Pineapple on a stick - fresh, juicy, delish

Seahorses, beetles and scorpions on a stick -  (ok, ok, not really a favorite for us or the Chinese.)

Just something to do so you can say you did it!  And yes, I ate scorpion on a stick too (before kids).   Something about child birth removes the need to do crazy things just to say you did it.  

Could cake pops make it in China?  Probably the one food on a stick that wouldn't fly there.   Too sweet for the Chinese tooth.

I had planned to put a picture of Ellie eating a cake pop.  I handed her one and said, "Here, hold this."  I then went to grab the camera, took a little too long finding the camera, came back and....the cake pop was gone.  Apparently, they were irresistible.  :)  


  1. You drive that cake pop bus. ;) I made cake balls once, but found them WAY too sweet. And I like sweet! Is there a trick?

  2. Make your own frosting with half the powdered sugar? I didn't this time, but that's what I would do next time. They were very sweet. You all feeling better, I hope?

  3. They started selling cake pops at the Starbucks in Beijing sometime in the last year. I haven't tried them yet, so I don't know if they are big sellers or not.