Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meet the Piecaken

We have a dessert dilema in our home.  Aaron likes cake.  I like pie.  Aaron believes it's a birthday abomination to blow out candles on a pie, since birthdays were clearly intended for white cake and white icing.  Bleh.  If you're going to go with cake, at least make it chocolate!  

We have each been shamelessly trying to coerce our children into liking our preference. Ellie is clearly on my chocolaty side, smart girl.  The pie vs. cake thing is still a toss up. Until the day we saw the piecaken (also spelled "picaken").  It's been a recent internet phenomenon started on pinterest and made popular by Jamie the Very Worst Missionary.  When Aaron saw it, he said, "THIS is the solution to our problem!"  And thus I knew a piecaken was in my future.  

So basically you impregnate a cake with a pie.  You take any pie and any cake (the options are endless).  I chose the triple berry pie to go with, what else?  Triple chocolate cake. Here's my piecaken story.  

Step 1:  Make a pie
Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry.  Trifecta.  Also a big hit for my berry lovin' girl. 

Step 2:  Bake the pie
Don't leave out this step, or you will have an ooey gooey mess on your hands.

Step 3:  Make cake batter
I used a cake mix. Cringe.  I still don't have a chocolate cake recipe I'm in love with (please share if you do).  And I'm in America where cake mixes are cheap, and for goodness sakes, I just made a pie from scratch.  

Step 4:  Impregnate cake with pie  
Get a spring form pan, put a layer of cake batter in it, then take your perfectly good pie perfection, hold your breath, and plop it in the cake batter.  Take a minute to cry.  Then pour more cake batter on top.  Then bake it.  For a really long time.  


Step 5:  Frost it
This step may or may not have involved me making hot fudge with coconut milk (YUM!) for the chocolate frosting and then dumping half of the hot fudge on myself and my kitchen floor.  Wish it wasn't so.  Thankfully the other half was all I needed to make the frosting.    


Step 6:  STOP
If you know what's good for you, you will at this point, stop and eat this sucker.  If you are, however, slightly insane and have a four-year-old daughter's birthday coming, proceed to the next step.

Step 7:  Fondant it!
Make your own marshmallow fondant and spend hours doing something like this.  


Step 8:  Let your kid thoroughly enjoy each step of the process
The reason I started the tradition of crazy fondant cakes for my kids' birthdays is that Ellie gets super excited about them.  And I've found making edible art strangely satisfying.  It helped that upon completion of the piecaken, Ellie declared, "Oh, Mommy, I am so pleased with this cake!"  So pleased?  Who says that?  

Step 9:  Totally lose your mind, pack up your piecaken, and transport it on a five-hour car trip
Like I said, if you're smart, you will stop at step 6.  

Step 10:  Finally, blow out the candles and enjoy!      


Happy 4th Birthday, my sweet girl!  

Step 11:  Go Work Out 
Yeah, I have yet to complete this step....


  1. That's amazing - and wonderfully well written. And I can't believe she's FOUR! Question: how did you get the whole pie out of the pie plate before the batter baptism? Or maybe you cut through it with a laser.

    1. Thanks! I know, I can't believe how big your kiddos are too! I just refrigerated the pie overnight and then turned it upside down and it came right out! Maybe just cooling it completely would do the trick too. A laser would also be a good alternative. :)

  2. How long do you bake it for? I'm baking one right now, and it's taking forever!!! The sides are burning a bit but the center is still batter!

    1. Yeah, mine took forever to bake. I'd recommend laying a layer of foil on top to keep the top from burning and letting it bake and bake until a toothpick comes out clean. If it's still getting crispy around the edges, turn the temp down 25-50 degrees. Good luck!!

  3. Have you tried Hershey's Chocolate cake recipe? I think it's currently circulation around on their cocoa mix (the one for making cakes and frosting, the bakers chocolate) That cake is to die for. If I could remember what it's called I'd give you the title, but if you get the cocoa mix it should be on there. If you decide to make the frosting, you can adjust it to make the frosting sweeter.

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. Chocolate Cake Recipe

    Hi Danielle! I had to find a recipe for chocolate cake that I could make while we were in Ireland because: 1) The Irish have no idea how to make a good cake (too dry and tasteless) 2) Birthday cake MUST be chocolate 3) America Cake Mixes were expensive (and still didn't taste right)

    Here's what I found. Easy peasy and you should be able to find the ingredients even in China.


    1. Thanks, Barb!! Looking forward to testing it out!