Saturday, April 21, 2012

Coconut Mango Muffins, Stuff I'm Into, and Parenting Moments of the Week

I've seen other bloggers do monthly posts about what they are currently into.  I always love these, but feared doing my own because it would reveal my utter lameness.  If you don't know me, I'm the last person to go to for what's new and hip.  If you know me, you...already know that.  So it may not be new or hip, but it is nevertheless what I'm into this month.  Here you have it.      

In My Kitchen... I've been sick with a nasty cold, so there's been precious little going on in my kitchen.  But I'm on the upswing, and this taunting recipe for coconut mango oat muffins was enough to get me out of my self-imposed cooking boycott.  And oh man, am I glad I did.

I couldn't find whole vanilla beans where I shop at, you know, that oh-so-gourmet grocery store called Wal-Mart.  And I know that vanilla beans are wicked expensive, so I just substituted 2 tsp. of vanilla extract, and they came out fab.  And oat flour = oats buzzed in the blender.  It says you can substitute canola oil ( minus 1 tbs) for the coconut oil.  I used coconut oil though, so no promises.  I went sweetened coconut the whole way, and I price matched mangos for $0.33 each!  Booya.

Confession: I ate my muffin fresh from the oven with vanilla icecream and nearly fainted from bliss.  Oh, and it was my lunch, so I had another.

In My Ears...   I am sooo out of it when it comes to the music scene, it's laughable.  Really.  So this may be the one and only music recommendation that you EVER receive from me.  My parents (yes, that's how cool I am, I get my music from my parents) went to a J.J. Heller concert, got their CDs and brought Deeper for me to listen to when they came for a visit.  Then they accidentally left it.  And I've fallen in love with it.  So I'm probably not giving it back.

On My Screen... The last movie we watched was Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.  Or I guess I should say this was the last movie my husband watched.  I watched it from behind my eyelids.  There is no way a movie that requires that much brain power and that moves that slowly is going to keep this prego mama awake.  But Aaron really liked it, so that's saying something. About him or the movie, I'm not sure.     

We watch next to no T.V. what with my falling asleep habits and my husband's homework, but somehow we remain hopelessly devoted to the Office. Not sure why anymore.  Tradition I guess.  Just can't imagine life without the Office.  And as stupid as it is, Community makes us both laugh out loud everytime, so that's our other regular.  ("You're the opposite of Batman!"  "You don't even know what that means!")                

On My Blog Roll... Grab yourself a cup o' somethin' and cozy up for some truly wonderful writing.  My favorite posts lately:

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On My Night Stand... Just finished the third Hunger Games.  Yes, a bit late to the party.  Not one for the bandwagon, but after so many people that I trust raved about it, I couldn't resist.  If you're of the more delicate sensitivities to violence, then don't read it, but I have to confess I loved it.  The first was my favorite.  It had been so long since I got lost in a novel, I devoured it.  So original.  The third was my least favorite.  It went a little too sci-fi for me.  But all in all, definitely worth reading.  Now to see the movie...I think I'll stay awake for that one.

Up next on my reading list is the newly released ebook "Mother Letters."  So excited for this one.  I love where this came from.  I love that it is mothers banning together in authenticity to feed one another's souls with real life encouragement.  It was exactly what I needed to come home to after my parenting low of the week. 

Parenting Low of the Week... 

The other day both of my children completely embarrassed and undid me with their public meltdowns. First Ellie then Aiden.  The raised eyebrows and dumb remarks of observers topped it off: “Isn't he cute?” And “He's cranky, huh?” No, this screaming toddler tyrant with snot and marker smeared across his sweaty face is NOT at this moment cute. And hello captain let's state the whoppingly obvious. Yes, he is cranky.

Everything in me was having it's own silent screaming meltdown, shouting lies at myself about what a wretched mother I am that neither one of my children know how to behave, and I obviously don't have a clue what I am doing so who am I to be having a third?

Then another observer spoke up, interrupting my inner monologue. I almost ignored her after the other comments of the day. “You're doing great” she said. I almost choked. And then I wanted to hug her and weep on her complete stranger shoulder. Her words were soothing balm. If you ever wondered what to say to the parent of the tantrum child on the plane or in the grocery store, THAT is what you say. And then say a prayer that the child will de-arch his back while his mother tries to wrestle him into his car seat. 

Parenting High of the Week...

The week was redeemed when yesterday I ran swim suit clad into the kids room as they were awaking from their naps and shouted, "Let's go swimming!"  It was our first swim of the season.  Yes, it is April.  (I heart So Cal.)  There's just something magical about twirling through water with my wet babies in arms.   


So what are YOU into this month?  Any parenting moments to share?


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