Thursday, August 30, 2012

By Tomorrow Morning

Writing for 5 minutes on "Change":

Nothing makes me want to freeze time like content little you.  I know by tomorrow morning you will have changed.  You'll be bigger, different.  You're my third wee little one.  So I know.  I know how fast it will go.  I want to bottle up every drop of newborness, to savor the sight of your milky lips, the feel of your fuzzy head, the sound of each baby breath.

Yes, there are dishes to be done, a toilet to be scrubbed, laundry waiting, but I think I'll just sit here a while and hold you forever in the nape of my neck.  And I'll memorize your newborn face, so as not to forget it when you all too soon grow into your boyhood face.  There's nothing like it, these first days and weeks of knowing you, of falling heart sick in love with you.  The very sight of you makes me achy inside.

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  1. Beautiful. Such wisdom to savor those moments. The dishes can wait. My oldest turns 18 in a week and a half and it's so true... the days are long, but the years are short!!

  2. Like Stacy said... "the dishes can wait... the days are long but the years are short."

    at the same time you treasure those moments, though, don't forget to anticipate the coming ones of seeing who God is growing him to be... and allowing you to participate... guess what I'm trying to say is treasure each moment but don't cling to tightly to them. i've also loved watching them "becoming!"

    by the way... he's beautiful!

    1. Yes, to hold too tightly to the treasure tarnishes it, doesn't it? I love how you put it: watching them "becoming."

  3. Sigh... I welcome change in almost every area... babies growing is one of the harder ones.
    Not only is he precious, your words are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Oh just beautiful...takes my heart back in an instant to those days...and my post today...the years that come when those wee little ones find their wings to fly. enjoy...drink in those moments. blessings to you~

  5. Yes. Yes. Everything else will wait. The baby won't. They are infants for such a short amount of time. Drink in the wonder.

    What a beautiful child!

  6. You made my heart sigh and I took a deep breath as I read your words. I remember those newborn days some 40 years ago, and oh, they change so fast. Good for you for savoring and swallowing up all his newness and sweetness, every tiny bit of it. The rest will wait -- he won't! I'm blessed by your writing on change.

  7. I have done my best to cherish each and every phase as it happens. I feel so blessed to have raised my little ones... on loan from God.

    Glad to read you from Five Minute Friday this week!

    If you would like to read mine, just click my five minute friday link here.