Friday, October 26, 2012

Unedited Voice

I'm joining in the Five Minute Fridays writing excercise.  Here goes:




These are the buzz words of my generation.  We're done with fake and shiny.  We want vulnerable reality.  This is the cry of my heart, with one exception.  The unedited part.  That very word "unedited" makes me all antsy inside.  Because....I JUST CAN'T!  That's why writing takes me forever and a day, why the publish button gets clicked all to infrequently.  Because every word has to be thought and rethought.

Yes, I want to show the real me, be real about my weaknesses.  But writing?  I want you to only see that as my strength.  I want you to read about my struggles through the lense of heart touching, well worded, thought provoking posts.  And that just can't happen in a five minute pouring out my thoughts in rapid fire clicks.  I can't stop from re-reading every sentence I write. 

Just DO it, something in me cries. 

Beat back the fears.  Write it out hot and messy.  Click publish.  Let your voice be heard.  And then get back to the babies.



  1. Danielle-Thanks for taking the courage to just put yourself out there today. I think the five minutes can be daunting at first, but now that I have done it a couple times...I am finding it very freeing! I hope you keep writing both edited and unedited stuff...editing is a refining process and helps to keep our writing fresh...but there is a time to edit, and a time not to edit...enjoy your babies! My babies are now in their twenties :) I still enjoy them!

  2. Thank you for taking the risk and posting ~ I'm finding this exercise on Friday's wonderful for my courage and I hope you do too. Not mention, I too have babies to tend to, but can generally justify taking 5 minutes for myself, to write.


  3. So glad you are brave... and you hit publish! I agree... keep writing and (gasp) posting - edited and unedited!!! There really is freedom that comes with the limitations of Five Minutes and a free flow expectation! Happy you jumped in!