Thursday, August 8, 2013

In Which I am a Last Minute Girl

My hubby and I both love the last minute.  Try as we might to "plan ahead" and "get 'er done" in advance, that just....NEVER HAPPENS.  It's all about the last minute.  When we moved out of our apartment in China two years ago, we may or may not have been frantically throwing things in bags while the hired taxi honked impatiently outside.  (We're trying to avoid a re-enactment of this when we move again next weekend.)

All you people who are so on top of things that you saunter peacefully about when the last minute arrives,  yeah, you make me a teeensy bit jealous.  After years of fighting this tendency of ours, I am learning that maybe this is who we are.  And maybe that is okay.  

I'm not saying it's okay to disrespect other's time.  That's something we always strive to avoid.

I'm talking about understanding and accepting how we are wired to function.  We are our most productive when the pressure of a deadline looms.  That's when we get 'er done.


There's nothing quite like the pressure of an international flight departure, like the one we have looming on August 21.  (China, here we come!)  So, as you can imagine, it's "GO TIME" around here.  Boxes are everywhere, piles of clothes lie sorted and resorted after the kids knock them over again.  I'd like to hang a "closed for business" sign in my kitchen, but those needy kids of mine keep asking for three meals a day.  Almost time for "creative concoctions brought to you by the back of the pantry."  

But in the midst of all the chaos, we're getting a lot done every single day.  Because we HAVE to.  There's that deadline. 

And there's another deadline, the one for Velvet Ashes Website Launch Fund, and it happens to be TOMORROW.  (I know, where did the last four weeks go??)  

If your life is anything like mine, you first read about Velvet Ashes, and you thought, "Yes!  This sounds incredible. I want to give to make this dream happen."  And then the baby pooped, the three-year-old spilled, and the five-year-old asked for the thirteenth time, "Mom, mom, what are we going to do NOW?"  Life happened, right?  And like me, maybe you need a deadline to remind you.  

Here's the thing, tons of people from across the globe have caught wind of this dream, and they're excited. Overseas women are saying, "I need this!"  Their loved ones are saying, "We want this for you!"  And people are giving.  Four thousand dollars already.  These are those "on top of things" kind of people that make me jealous.  

To all of you people, THANK YOU!!!  Thank you for giving, for sacrificing so this can be real.  Thank you for spreading the word, for laboring to birth this dream with us.  

For all the rest of my fellow last minute people, now it's our turn!!  Let's reach our goal of $6,600 so that women serving overseas can tap into a lifeline of community.  

And if you love the literal last minute, then the campaign will close Friday 11:59pm EST (So 8:59pm, my California peeps!).  :)    

P.S. If you missed my co-editor's post about Velvet Ashes, it's amazing.  Check it out here.

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  1. I am 100% not a last minute person so I really can't relate :). I'm reading a book right now and thinking how much it can help at ATC. Dare I say I started preparing for retirement at age 16 when I got my first job :)