Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Power of Taste

No matter how many tricks I tried, I could not for the life of me get my little counter top oven to bake that pie all the way through.  Finally, I threw my arms up, said, “Forget it. Let’s just eat.” I sliced pieces onto our plates, crunchy apples and all.  And then I took a bite.  One taste was all it took.  One taste brought me back to warm memories, to family gatherings with tables stuffed full, cousins running wild through the house.  I looked up at my husband and saw it did the same for him. We both nearly cried.
We were a few months into our first year overseas.  Winter was settling in, and so was the fear in our hearts.  Are we going to make it?  
Happy Thanksgiving from China!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Today's the Day!

Remember when I told you that dreams really do grow real? And then remember when I unfurled the dream to you? It was no longer this "thing." It had a name, "Velvet Ashes."

Then came the summer and those crazy four weeks we called The Launch Fund, which ended in a big teary finale the last day.

Then the curtain was pulled back down, and the dream needles started clicking, knitting together, stitch by stitch, the essence of this dream.

Here we are today, the big day. Velvet Ashes goes live! 

Stop on by and see the dream grown real. Know any ladies serving overseas? Pass a bit of encouragement their way?

 My foot pauses, resting on the bus’ gritty step. I’m about to climb on, but I’ve just caught sight of her. She’s alone, ladened with groceries. I can see in an instant she’s like me, making her way, her life, in this land not her own. Our eyes meet, the light in hers reflecting in mine, and we smile. Then the driver yells for me to board, so I do. The bus chugs off, leaving her in a puff of exhaust. I grasp the rail, leaning loose for the bumps, and I smile at all the waves of understanding that just passed between me and this stranger yet friend. With one smile we know.

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