Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Letter to My High School Self

Dear Me,
I see you there standing in the high school conference auditorium.  Your hands are lifted high in worship.  The anticipation is beating in your heart..  You know it's coming.  They are going to make the altar call for those who want to commit to serving the Lord full time.  You've thought and prayed this through.  You know in just a moment you'll be walking down the aisle.
Perhaps while you're at the front, I'll slip in quietly and place this letter on your chair.  Some words for you to hang on to through the years that follow this night.
I know what this  means to you.  Tonight is a mark of surrender in your soul, an altar of acceptance.  You're grabbing hold of God's hand to say, "I'll go where you lead."
So I'll not keep you from that stage tonight.  Because it's going to be powerfully life changing for you.  But even in holy, anointed moments, lies can creep in.  And I'd like to keep you from this lie....
Read the rest over at Velvet Ashes.  We're sharing our Letters to Self today at The Grove.

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