Thursday, January 2, 2014

My One Word for 2014

When your One Word finds you, it’s really no use fighting it.  For some reason, I still did.  I listed all the reasons why it shouldn’t be my word.

Reason #1: That’s Jessica’s word
Reason #2: …uh…well…um….

Ok, FINE!  I give in.  It’s my word.

Like Jessica, I’m coming out of a year on Fearless.  I went into last year ready to do battle with Fear.  But I’m coming out of that year realizing that fear is not something to fight.

I found this nugget of wisdom coming out of my own mouth when addressing my five-year old:  “Is fighting a good choice?  Does fighting make things better or worse?”  Cue my own light bulb.

This year, I’m feeling called to embrace WHAT COMES.

For me that means not fighting against fear or stress or worry, because that’s really just fueling those fires.   

Embracing means acknowledging the realities of fear, stress and worry in my life. 

Embracing means examining which of these I’m meant to live with and which ones I can say, “This is our goodbye hug.”

Some things are here to stay, and that’s OK. 

A TED talk showed me studies on how stress is not the enemy.  It’s our attitude towards stress that makes a difference.  I’m the kind of person can stress out about being stressed out. 

So this year, I’m ready to embrace.  I want to roll with the stresses, the plane rides, the jet-lag, the child tantrums, the sloooow internet, the challenges that come with life overseas and little ones and big dreams.  Because these things are all happening this year.  This is the life I’ve chosen and wouldn’t trade.  So rather than fighting the accompanying challenges, I’ve got to accept them.  I can live with challenges or against them.  I want to live with.  

I’m also feeling called to embrace PEOPLE.

I’m shamed to think of all the time I’ve spent thinking, “If only this person would...” 

Newsflash: Trying to change people doesn’t work.  And wishing them to change usually just hurts you and the relationship. 

So this year, I’m setting out to embrace people, just as they are. 

Finally, I want to embrace NOW. 

I often long for stability.  I know, I know, wrong profession for that.  The temporariness that so often accompanies this kind of life can cause a detachment, holding people and things at arms length because you really just never know how long they will be in your life.       

But that’s no way to live. 

This year, I want to fling my whole heart into NOW.  Rather than pining away for stability, wondering how long-term anyone or anything will be, I want to fully embrace all there is NOW.

Because today is all we ever have. 

Here’s to 2014…a year to EMBRACE.  

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  1. This has me grinning from ear to ear. I am right there with you sister. What are the cha cues we would have the same word(s)? That is a God kind of thing. Praying for you as you embrace 2014.

    1. That was supposed to say "chances", dumb phone.

  2. I must say, I've yet to happily embrace slooooow internet… feeling with you there! I love the "nugget of wisdom coming out of your mouth addressing my five-year-old" - how many times has that happened to me… And I loved hearing about the specific things God's leading you to embrace - such a good reminder for me too!