Thursday, January 23, 2014

On Friendship, Status and the Walls Between

It should be enough. But it isn't.
Our faith and our womanhood should be enough to bond us to one another, enough to join our lives to journey together.
But all too often walls are built between us.  Status stands in the way.
She's married.  She's not.
She's got kids.  She doesn't.
She's older.  She's young.
She's like me.  She's ... not.
When my family and I left China to go back to the States for a two year study leave, we moved to a place we'd never lived before.  We had to build our friendships and social life from scratch.  After five years on the field, five years of having our social life determined by the teammates that were chosen for us, I was rather looking forward to a wide range of friendship options to choose from myself.
So we found a church, a Sunday school class, a small group, a MOPs group.  After a few months, I looked around and something struck me.

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