Thursday, February 27, 2014

In Which I am Undone and Made New Again

I've always been infatuated with words, both in writing and reading.  Somewhere stacked in storage boxes are a zillion pages of my childhood journals.  And my parents, clever people, they would discipline me as a kid by taking my books away.  I thought I would die.
But somehow, poetry was never really part of this love affair with words.  I am not sure what exactly possessed me to launch Velvet Ashes' very first day with some of my own poetry/prose (See, I don't even know what to call it!).   I still can't believe I did that.  Because poetry is not a form of expression that I have any comfort or confidence in doing.  And honestly, it's also not a form of writing that I've sought to read very often either.
In the last few years, though, something has happened.
I have a budding new love for poetry.
I can point to three reasons for this:
1.  Writers I love and respect have shared how poetry has moved and shaped their lives.
2.  I've sought to expose my children to poetry, and in doing so have exposed myself to its beauty as well.
3.   My weekly time at The Grove.  Poets have been showing up and offering the gift of poetry in this space made for words, conversation and art.  And since I host it and respond, I read line by line through these poems, really reading them, pausing to savor and taste.  And week after week, I think: goodness gracious, that's gorgeous!  So simply profound.  
So this week at The Grove our prompt is "Poetry," and for those of us who are fresh-faced to writing our own poems, it's being suggested that we start with Psalm 23 as inspiration. 
 So here's my Psalm 23...

Jesus, You take care of me.

I have enough.

In You, I am enough.

You give me my favorite place
Here You refresh and renew.

You lead me in Your purposes for me.

You were with me.

Through Your people and Your Word, you comforted me.

Ultimately I have nothing to fear.

Whatever this broken world brings

You are my hope, my sure anchor.

Your presence fills me

And I am undone,

Made new again.

Your goodness and mercy go before and behind,

Every day of my life,

All over this world.

In you I am home

Now and always.


A humble stab at poetry, but gosh, I really, truly enjoyed doing it.  I may have just found myself a new way to pray.  What's your favorite way to pray?    


  1. Danielle, this is lovely and so much more meaningful in the light of the dark valley of last month. I like the way that Psalm 23 starts in the third person and by the end, David is no longer speaking about God but directly to him. It is a great way to pray! Melanie

  2. Danielle, what a great poem. My favorite way to pray is actually to write out my prayers in a journal since it helps keep me focused.