Thursday, June 19, 2014

To Those That Send Me...

To get my juices flowing for a post on "Hospitality," I looked up the word in the dictionary.  Original idea, I know.  Here's what one of the definitions said: "Hospitality is to treat others with warmth and generosity."  Those words triggered a rush of memories and a flash of faces, faces that are to me the definition of warmth and generosity.  So this post goes out to those people.  You know who you are...


I didn't know that I'd need you like I do.

I didn't know how much your prayers and send-offs would bolster my soul.

I never knew that I'd only ever be able to go and serve the world because I was first served by you.

When you showed up at the church, arms ladened with food and pretty things, to send us off in style, I didn't know how much it would mean to me.

When you set up tables in the early morning hours and sold your things for me, I didn't know that I would crumble when you handed me wads of cash.

When you gave me pictures, cards and light-weight gifts, when you scratched "We'll miss you!" on chalkboards, I didn't know it'd melt me right through.

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